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Version: v1.3.x


To view Eraser metrics, you will need to deploy an Open Telemetry collector in the 'eraser-system' namespace, and an exporter. An example collector with a Prometheus exporter is otelcollector.yaml, and the endpoint can be specified using the configmap. In this example, we are logging the collected data to the otel-collector pod, and exporting metrics through Prometheus at 'http://localhost:8889/metrics', but a separate exporter can also be configured.

Below is the list of metrics provided by Eraser per run:


- count
- name: images_removed_run_total
- description: Total images removed by eraser


- count
- name: vulnerable_images_run_total
- description: Total vulnerable images detected


- count
- name: imagejob_run_total
- description: Total ImageJobs scheduled
- name: pods_completed_run_total
- description: Total pods completed
- name: pods_failed_run_total
- description: Total pods failed
- summary
- name: imagejob_duration_run_seconds
- description: Total time for ImageJobs scheduled to complete