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Version: v1.3.x


Excluding registries, repositories, and images

Eraser can exclude registries (example,*) and also specific images with a tag (example, or digest (example, sha256:80f31da1ac7b312ba29d65080fd...) from its removal process.

To exclude any images or registries from the removal, create configmap(s) with the label in the eraser-system namespace with a JSON file holding the excluded images.

$ cat > sample.json <<"EOF"
"excluded": [

$ kubectl create configmap excluded --from-file=sample.json --namespace=eraser-system
$ kubectl label configmap excluded -n eraser-system

Exempting Nodes from the Eraser Pipeline

Exempting nodes from cleanup was added in v1.0.0. When deploying Eraser, you can specify whether there is a list of nodes you would like to include or exclude from the cleanup process using the configmap. For more information, see the section on customization.