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Version: v1.3.x


Why am I still seeing vulnerable images?

Eraser currently targets non-running images, so any vulnerable images that are currently running will not be removed. In addition, the default vulnerability scanning with Trivy removes images with CRITICAL vulnerabilities. Any images with lower vulnerabilities will not be removed. This can be configured using the configmap.

How is Eraser different from Kubernetes garbage collection?

The native garbage collection in Kubernetes works a bit differently than Eraser. By default, garbage collection begins when disk usage reaches 85%, and stops when it gets down to 80%. More details about Kubernetes garbage collection can be found in the Kubernetes documentation, and configuration options can be found in the Kubelet documentation.

There are a couple core benefits to using Eraser for image cleanup:

  • Eraser can be configured to use image vulnerability data when making determinations on image removal
  • By interfacing directly with the container runtime, Eraser can clean up images that are not managed by Kubelet and Kubernetes